Skywroth leads the Digital TV Industry

On March 26th, Skyworth put forward the theme of “Do intentions, enjoy the intelligence of future ”.

“Do intentions” is reflected in two aspects, one is our the constant pursuit of the user experience and the quality of products, the other one is our truth promise to the radio and television and consumers.“enjoy the intelligence of future” is also is reflected in two aspects. One is the obvious trend of the Set-top box industry in the future. The other one is that Skyworth and Broadcasting enjoy the better future of intelligent digital TV industry.

Faced with the arrival of great speed in national broadband and the challenges from the set-top box industry, we believe that Skyworth Digital is able to seize opportunities, meet challenges,  initiate change. When Skyworth Digital keeps on launching high quality and better experience set-top boxes, it enlarges input into front-end services and operations, which provides end to end comprehensive solutions for broadcasting’s value-added services.

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