Beijing Media Interviews Baocheng Chang about future of Skyworth Digital

On March 25th, 2015, Baocheng Chang, Vice President and CTO of R&D for Skyworth Digital and Yilin Cheng, Director of Products Operation for Skyworth Digital conducted a press conference with the media in Beijing about the future of Skyworth Digital.

 ·         Skyworth Digital’s success derives from our expertise in the set-top box and the understanding of opportunity that comes with the internet.  As the traditional set-top box meets the wave of new internet services, Skyworth Digital is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer already delivering to more than 84 million users. We have already invested heavily in new products for this market and will continue to aggressively invest in new products and service that not only meet customer demand, but also the strategy of the company. 

·         Success depends on innovation and a simple and easy to use platform is very important.  Skyworth Digital has been very focused on the user experience and incorporates user feedback into new designs.  Mr Chang said, “It is not enough to rely on the innovations of technology alone, real innovation comes from watching user habits.”

·         Skyworth Digital knows TV better.  It is not enough to support the users with good technology; we must deliver high-quality content as well.  With more than 10 years in the set-top box industry, Skyworth Digital understands that the user experience starts with the form factor of the box and continues through the content on the screen.

·         We are focused on the future with more intelligent solutions.  As the market evolves, so will the user habits and the technology must follow suit.  In the future, the user experience and content must match the quality of the hardware.  And most importantly, all devices in the home must be able to interconnect leading to greatly enhanced set of smart home products from Skyworth Digital.

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