Skyworth Leads the Global Set-top Box Market with Innovative Solutions
Skyworth Digital, the leading provider of home entertainment products, home appliances, and eco-smart solutions, solidifies its position as the worldwide leader in home video entertainment and intelligent connectivity solutions and maintains its position as the world leader in Set-Top Box shipment for 7 consecutive years.
Since its entrance into the global telecom market in 2000, Skyworth has consistently driven the evolution of CPE device innovation through relentless technological advancement, tailored solutions, and working closely with partners across the world to carefully understand consumer market demands.
Exceeding shipment of 10 million units in 2010, Skyworth emerged as the top provider in the Set-Top Box (STB) industry and by 2015, Skyworth shipped over 30 million devices, securing its position as the third-largest STB provider by volume.
Through numerous pioneering achievements, Skyworth has spearheaded breakthroughs in the STB industry, becoming a global strategic partner of Google and Netflix. Skyworth then continued its winning streak by clinching the top spot in the global market share of Set-Top Boxes by taking a leadership position in the growth of the Android TV ecosystem and device adoption by both service provider and retail markets. By 2020, Skyworth soared to nearly 40 million units of Set-Top Box and Broadband CPE shipment, securing its reputation as a world leader in technology innovation, product design, and manufacturing of home entertainment and networking products.
As global demand increases for more intelligent, innovative, and immersive content and services, Skyworth continues to lead the way with new-age products leveraging AI, cameras, and AIGC-related applications and features to create better and more compelling experiences for global consumers.

About Skyworth Digital
Founded in 1997, the company is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to develop and manufacture set-top boxes and network gateways to help video service providers and telecom carriers renovate customer access to Internet and video services. Today SKYWORTH Digital is making ongoing investments in 5G, VR, and smart home technologies to help its clients address modern business challenges.
With a global services and manufacturing network, SKYWORTH Digital provides its customers with comprehensive system integration, project management, and hardware manufacturing services. Each year the company designs, manufactures, and ships more than 40 million terminals worldwide.

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