Skyworth Digital and AVSystem Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance European CSP Operations with Advanced Wi-Fi 6/7 Solutions

Skyworth Digital
Leading provider of home entertainment products, home appliances, and eco-smart solutions, solidifies its position as the worldwide leader in home video entertainment and intelligent connectivity solutions, maintains its position as the world leader in Set-Top Box shipment for 7 consecutive years, alongside AVSystem, a leader in network automation software and telco device management, is excited to announce the launch of their innovative Wi-Fi 6/7 router and mesh products. These advanced products, supporting TR-069 and TR-369 protocols, are designed to establish lasting partnerships with ISPs throughout the European market. Seamlessly integrated with AVSystem’s Auto Configuration Server (ACS) - the Unified Management Platform - this collaboration aims to optimize network management for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Strategic Goal and Benefits
This strategic alliance merges Skyworth Digital’s extensive manufacturing capabilities with AVSystem’s nearly 20 years of device management experience to deliver exceptional performance and operational efficiencies for CSPs. By integrating Skyworth’s latest Wi-Fi technology with AVSystem’s ACS, CSPs benefit from zero-touch provisioning, streamlined customer support, and enhanced customer experience management. This integration enables CSPs to shift their focus entirely to revenue-generating activities, avoiding the resource-intensive process of coordinating multiple vendors and manually integrating devices.

Unified Management Platform
AVSystem’s Unified Management Platform (UMP) is the core of this partnership, offering extensive device management and network configuration capabilities. As an advanced ACS, UMP simplifies the administration of network devices remotely, automates essential tasks like firmware updates, and ensures consistent device performance across vast networks. The platform’s capability for centralized management is particularly valuable for CSPs managing large-scale network environments, offering significant time savings and enhanced operational agility.
Unified Management Platform differentiators:
  • Multi-protocol device management engine - support of protocols including TR-069, TR-369, TR-143, and TR-471, enabling versatile management across various device types and standards.
  • Robust group management - tools for mass configuration rollouts, firmware upgrade campaigns, and comprehensive operational monitoring.
  • Flexible integration - seamless API integration (REST, SOAP), robust Identity & Access Management, and runtime application scripting, ensuring a customizable and scalable solution.
  • Focus on subscribers' WiFi experience -  meaningful KPIs and high-frequency polling, ensuring service compatibility with existing CPEs without necessitating firmware customization.
  • Built-in fleet monitoring - critical insights into historical device performance and aggregated population analytics, enabling proactive service management and network optimization.

About Skyworth Digital
Founded in 1997, Skyworth Digital has dedicated itself to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to develop and manufacture leading network gateways and set-top boxes. As the company continues to invest in 5G, VR, and smart home technologies, it addresses the evolving challenges faced by video service providers and telecom carriers. Skyworth Digital designs manufactures, and ships over 40 million terminals globally each year, providing its clients with comprehensive system integration and project management services.
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About AVSystem
AVSystem was founded in 2006 with a focus on providing automation solutions for connected device ecosystems. Although the company started by serving the telecommunications industry, it has since expanded its services to various sectors in over 60 countries. Catering local internet service providers as well as multinational telco operators and enterprises, we develop top-notch solutions dedicated to telecommunications, WiFi VAS, and the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Our goal is to create flexible and dynamic technology based on open standards accessible to everyone. We not only follow the newest trends but also co-create them with other IT industry pioneers by actively participating in organizations such as the Broadband Forum.
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