Dr. Chi Shi describes his vision for the smart home

In a recent speech, Dr Chi Shi, President and CEO of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technologies, Co. LTD., described his view of the smart home and the prospects for Skyworth Digital in the future.

Dr Shi stated that spinning off Skyworth Digital from the group and listing the company as an A-share on the domestic stock exchange in 2014 was intended to strengthen the set-top box business chain and allow Skyworth Digital to invest in the smart home market.  Dr Shi went on to say that the company wanted to connect the set-top box business with the capital market as a method to invest in the infrastructure and products of Skyworth Digital.  Partnership with the capital market provides Skyworth Digital with the opportunity to develop best in class products and services in the future.  Skyworth Digital already has strong and successful R&D and operations groups however, access to the power and resources of the capital market allows Skyworth Digital to grow and develop much faster.

 Constantly enriching the smart home with products that sit at the entry point   

Triple play services are no longer an obstacle to the smart home.  In the past, the triple play has been considered a technical issue.  It has become more than that.  It is now the centre of the smart home and this type of device requires a balance between technical and consumer ease of use.  The smart home requires and an intelligent device to act as a gateway to the home managing broadband access, wireless devices and personal content.  Skyworth Digital is starting to put these services into all their products with a special focus on developing an intelligent gateway for the smart home.

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