Dr. Chi Shi eyes the future with a strategy for the smart home

Following the successful release of annual earnings, Dr Chi Shi, President and CEO of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technologies, Co. LTD., systematically laid out his future strategy for the set-top box market.


Concentrate on Hardware and Service

Hardware is used to communicate directly with users, so it’s necessary to first provide a compelling set-top box and packaging that will attract the attention of users when shopping for a new device.   After this, content is very important to the success of a solution and defects in content can hurt sales.  Dr Shi indicated that Skyworth Digital is following a similar model to Xiaomi when it comes to this issue.


Gateway to the Smart Home

Traditionally, internet routers have been the gateway to the home.  Dr Shi indicated, however, that as a gateway, there exists 2 needs, the need for a continuous power supply and the need to be logged on at all times.  All standard routers can handle these requirements but as more devices enter the smart home, these types of devices fail because they do not have easy to use interfaces and are not convenient to operate.  Skyworth Digital will focus on a strategy to create a set of intelligent solutions for the smart home that allows users to easily manage their home network. 


Overseas Market Product Competition

Skyworth Digital's sales in the overseas markets equate to more than HK$ 2 billion and are the leader in markets like Southeast Asia, India, and South Africa.  Dr Shi indicated that the main goal for the coming year was to expand overseas operations into Europe and South America.

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