Skyworth Digital Celebrates Monumental Success: Clinches China Telecom Bid
Prepare for an exhilarating revelation! Skyworth Digital, a leading global technology company, has triumphed in the "China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (2023-2025) Centralized Procurement Project Selection (First) Project," securing all four bid packages. Our remarkable achievement positions us in the prestigious third place overall, with an impressive 1,832,900 units of Gateway including 1G-PON and 10G-PON emerging victorious!

In the dynamic landscape of information technology and the digital economy, the demand for smart gateways continues to soar. Serving as a pivotal supplier of ICT intelligent terminal equipment and services for operators, Skyworth Digital has distinguished itself among competitors, garnering high praise from operators' customers. This bid success not only validates our outstanding products but also reflects the collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to fostering innovation and pursuing excellence. Grounded in intelligence and digitalization, we vow to elevate the quality of our products and services continually. Our focus is to create enhanced value for customers, fostering sustained business growth. Stay tuned as Skyworth Digital continues its journey of technological innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence! 

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