Breaking Boundaries in Digital Intelligence: Skyworth Shines at MWC 2024
Strong, Skyworth Digital's dynamic sub-brand, made a resounding statement at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, showcasing groundbreaking products that epitomize the future of technology. MWC is a harbinger of forthcoming trends in the mobile communications industry, and this year's theme, 'Future First,' propelled a wave of cutting-edge technologies into the limelight. From 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to smartphones and base station antennas, the event provided a glimpse into tomorrow's technological landscape.

Aligned with the overarching theme of "Future First," Strong, alongside its partners, unveiled a spectrum of innovative products, painting a vivid picture of the digital future. Skyworth unveiled a series of self-developed products poised to revolutionize modern infrastructure networks, embracing efficiency and sustainability. The showcased exhibits spanned diverse domains, focusing on mobile technology tailored to contemporary lifestyles.

Home Network Solution
Wi-Fi 7 BE19000 Tri-band RDK-B ONT boasts symmetric 10Gbps, 2.5G/10G high-bandwidth integrated service access. Wi-Fi 7 router and repeater, all equipped with EasyMeshV2 employ multiple Skyworth access points that work together to form a unified network that provides smart, efficient Wi-Fi throughout the home and outdoor spaces.

FWA Network Solution
Among the highlights were mobile broadband products tailored for both travel and domestic settings, offering seamless connectivity on the go. 5G Outdoor Unit supports wall mounting, pole mounting, and adhesive mounting, in line with the concept of green environmental protection, no need to drill holes in the wall. AX3000 5G Portable MiFi, can be used as AX1800 Portable MiFi or three-node AX3000 Wi-Fi mesh system router. This comprehensive range encompassed 4G and 5G CPE devices, and portable MiFi Solutions.

XR Solution 
The PANCAKE VR All-in-One device stood out as a marvel of immersive technology, boasting a lightweight and ergonomic design that prioritizes user comfort. Featuring a revolutionary folding optical solution, the device facilitates effortless transitions between virtual and real worlds, ushering users into captivating meta-universe spaces. With its mere 189g weight, this VR device represents a cornerstone in the burgeoning VR market, fortified by Skyworth Digital's extensive R&D prowess and a robust portfolio of 200+ patents. Further enhancing the immersive experience, Skyworth introduced the AR Glasses A1, a testament to ultra-clarity and ultralight design. Weighing less than 75g and equipped with Micro-OLED technology, these glasses deliver a stunning visual experience akin to a private giant screen theater, elevating the viewing experience to unprecedented heights.

Beyond unveiling groundbreaking products, Skyworth Digital leveraged MWC 2024 as a platform for fostering deeper connections with customers. By actively listening to customer feedback and understanding their evolving needs and challenges, Skyworth remains at the forefront of technological innovation. This collaborative approach fosters a symbiotic relationship, driving innovation and ensuring that products and services remain attuned to user demands.

As we reflect on our remarkable journey at MWC 2024, we are deeply honored to have forged meaningful partnerships and engagements with our customers. Their insights and aspirations serve as a compass guiding us toward a future of boundless possibilities in digital intelligence.

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