Skyworth's Pioneering Green Initiatives
Shenzhen, China, January 29th- Amidst the growing global concern over rising CO2 emissions and their impact on climate change, Skyworth stands at the forefront of environmental responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to the Earth is exemplified through a robust emission reduction strategy, setting a precedent in environmental protection.

To actualize this commitment, we've implemented a series of impactful measures to minimize our environmental footprint. Our journey toward net-zero carbon emissions involves substantial investments in installing solar panels, energy storage systems, and cutting-edge production facilities equipped with solar panels and wind turbines. Besides that, Skyworth is committing to greener product design and cleaner product operation, which include using alternative packaging materials and removal of single-use plastics, form factor, size, and weight reduction, reducing standby power by up to 30%, moving to 6nm silicon process to reduce power consumption, introducing new product features such as dynamic clock scaling and suspension to RAM, and so on.

Our dedication to a sustainable future is evident across various fronts.

Cumulative Power Generation
By December 2023, Skyworth's new energy unit has boasted a cumulative power generation capacity of 15.251 billion kWh. And this number is still growing quickly, as our BIPV stations are generating the green power continually. This monumental achievement not only showcases our technological prowess but also underscores our steadfast belief in clean energy, providing impetus for the global energy structure's evolution.

Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction
Skyworth proudly announces a substantial reduction of 15,205,600 tons in carbon dioxide emissions by December 2023, a testament to our commitment to environmental protection. Through continuous technological innovation and sustainable production practices, we have breathed new life into the global ecological environment, expressing our unwavering determination to lead the way in green development.

Equivalent Tree Planting
The planting of an equivalent of 20,772,700 trees highlights Skyworth's remarkable contribution to ecological protection. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have been devoted to constructing a green and ecologically friendly development environment, ensuring a better home for future generations.

Economic Development and Job Creation
Skyworth has actively fueled economic growth and sustainability by collaborating with local companies, fostering job market growth, and utilizing local talent. Simultaneously, we have elevated environmental sustainability standards and reduced our carbon footprint. Our collective efforts have resulted in the creation of over 100,000 jobs, serving as a tangible demonstration of our commitment to societal well-being and sustainable development.

Developing Townships
Skyworth's green development initiatives reach deep into the countryside, covering an extensive network of 12,429 townships. Our illumination extends beyond city corners, actively participating in rural revitalization and laying a sustainable foundation of clean energy for a prosperous society.

In essence, Skyworth's commitment to the planet symbolizes the paramount importance we place on green development, serving as an inspiration for other enterprises and individuals to take responsibility for the ecological environment and promote sustainable development.

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