Extraordinary Achievement: Skyworth Digital Secures China Mobile Bid
Skyworth Digital, renowned for its outstanding technical prowess and high-quality products, has been awarded in China Mobile's 2024 to 2025 Centralized Procurement of Intelligent Home Gateway Products (Open Procurement Part) project by securing all four bidding packages! The project encompasses four procurement packages: Procurement Package 1 - GPON-Dual-Band WiFi6 (including GPON-Dual-Band WiFi5); Procurement Package 2 - 10G GPON -WiFi6; Procurement Package 3 - GPON-No WiFi; and Procurement Package 4 - 10G GPON-No WiFi.

Skyworth Digital clinched all four procurement packages and secured the top position in Package 1 and Package 3! Additionally, it secured the second position in Package 2 and Package 4, resulting in 13,769,200 winning units. This stellar performance places Skyworth Digital at the peak of the total share of winning bids, underscoring its outstanding strength and leadership in the smart home gateway domain.

In the rapidly evolving information technology era and the digital economy, the market demand for smart gateways exhibits a continuous growth trend. Both the Chinese and global home smart gateway markets are poised for high growth in the upcoming years. Skyworth Digital, focusing on digital home intelligent solutions, boasts years of technical expertise and rich industry experience, earning love and trust from operators and a vast user base. Securing the procurement project for China Mobile's smart home gateway products further validates Skyworth Digital's leading position in the digital home sector.

Skyworth Digital is committed to fortifying its technology research and development, fostering product innovation, and adapting to the new wave of digitization, broadband, and AI revolution. We aim to introduce new features and services, providing users with smarter, safer, and more convenient home intelligence solutions. Grounded in the new applications within the digital smart home sector, Skyworth Digital actively promotes progress and the healthy development of the industry!
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