SERAPHIC's Sraf® HTML5 Browser Selected by Skyworth Digital for HbbTV 2.0 and Pay TV Operator Servi

High-definition televisions and interactive services are key drivers for growth in global pay-TV markets. The set-top box (STB) is typically the key entry point to these advanced services by providing the user interfaces that access these features and services. Today, Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co. LTD., (Skyworth Digital) announced a comprehensive collaboration with SERAPHIC to deploy Sraf® HTML5 Browser to meet Pay TV Operator requirements of advanced, interactive HD services.


Skyworth Digital is the largest STB manufacturer in China and the third-largest in the world accounting for nearly 20% global market share with more than 27 million STB’s shipped in 2015.  Following an aggressive strategy of “Globalization”, its expansion plan has already been successful in overseas markets such as India, South America and Africa. Based on years of experience in these overseas market, SERAPHIC turns out to be the ideal software partner for Skyworth Digital’s continued expansion into complex markets like Europe. This comprehensive collaboration will allow the two parties to fulfil various customer requirements those from Media Broadcast on the basis of HbbTV 1.5, as well as HbbTV 2.0, YouTube 2016, OTT TV Portal, open internet and other Pay TV Operator services. The first product the companies will collaborate on will be based on MStar’s MSD7T75 chipset.


SERAPHIC, the world’s leading provider of digital TV browser and “TV + Internet” solutions, holds over 80% market share in the Blink- and Linux-based TV browser segment. It has vast experience in the overseas digital TV market, especially Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific. Sraf Browser supports about 1,000 smart TV APPs, accommodated by multiple mainstream TV Portals, and various TV standards, including HbbTV 2.0, Freeview Play, BBC iPlayer, etc. Its Sraf Browser has been ported to various TV and STB SoCs including MStar, Broadcom, Sigma Designs, Alitech, etc. Its market has covered more than 40 countries and regions, including Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil, etc. With a deep knowledge of the technologies required for pay-TV, flexible service models and high-quality customer support, SERAPHIC is extremely capable of supporting all pay-TV operator requirements. For STB designers and manufacturers who are focused on the overseas market, SERAPHIC is undoubtedly a reliable partner.


“We are very pleased to work with SERAPHIC on the deployment of their Sraf® HTML5 Browser to deploy HbbTV 2.0 in Europe. We believe SERAPHIC technology is far superior to others in the field and we believe SERAPHIC will help our further expansion into Europe.” Said Darrell Haber, Vice General Manager at Skyworth Digital.


“Skyworth Digital is one of the largest STB vendors in the global STB market. We are proud to work with Skyworth Digital to deliver the high value-added and competitive products with the latest Sraf HTMT5 Browser and HbbTV 2.0 technologies to the oversea market.”, said Ye Wang, CSO of SERAPHIC.

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