Skyworth Digital Announces Performance and Lay’s Out Strategy

On March 19, 2015, Skyworth Digital presented the employees with the“2014 Skyworth Digital performance and strategy planning” sessions to employees with the theme “Skyworth Digital – Winning the future together!”

Executive Vice President Dr Zhi Zhang, begun the session by presenting the new industry trends towards intelligent terminal devices and then presented the 2014 annual business review of the company followed by the 2014 financial results.  Dr Zhang was quoted as saying, “Skyworth Digital is able to stay ahead of its competition is because all my colleagues in the company are very specialized and dedicated.”  “The company management decision-makers are pragmatic, innovative and committed to change for the good.” Dr Zhang continued.

 Dr Chi Shi, President and CEO then introduced the company’s future strategy and development plan.  Dr Shi said, “In the internet era when data mining and intelligent devices are being developed at top speed, the future success of the company will be based on our ability accelerate our industrial capacity, service capability, capital operation and international capabilities.”  Dr Shi went on to say that, “with new business models based on internet access plus intelligent processing plus large data, the company’s operations must be gradually improved to match.”

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