The house that Smart built: Skyworth Digital to unveil connected home vision at IBC 2015

Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., LTD. (000810.SZ), today revealed it plans to showcase the digital home of the future at IBC 2015 – highlighting how tomorrow’s trends can be integrated and packaged for end-users in the future. 

Incorporating the latest technologies, trends and concepts – including Ultra-High Definition (UHD), Integrated Social Media, Multi-Screen/TV Anywhere solutions, Home Automation and Mobile Integration – Skyworth Digital’s vision will illustrate the company’s answer to the “Internet of Everything”. 

As well as looking at the many aspects of TV usage, such as task-based viewing, searching for programs to watch and seamless use of social media, Skyworth Digital’s vision will demonstrate the integration of mobile applications and home network control, such as security, heating and lighting – showing delegates how everyday tasks can be enhanced via a single remote control and the TV as a central hub.

“For a long time people have been teased by disjointed glimpses of the future smart home and while services are certainly being launched, these are often in isolation from one another,” said Darrell Haber, VP Marketing and Alliances at Skyworth Digital. “Skyworth Digital’s strategy is to capture all these technologies and trends to provide an end-to-end solution which we will work towards to enable the connected home of the future.”

 Skyworth Digital’s vision explores new ways of managing traditional services such as PVR, Catch-up/Start-over TV and streaming content. It also features an advanced user interface that easily integrates all the functions required by modern users. Everything is controlled through an appealing interface that manages all services with easy-to-use menus, accessible with basic remote control. 

“Our strategy will be to provide the latest services being demanded by end-users on hardware that will easily integrate with all IoT devices available in the home,” added Haber. “For our customers, being able to facilitate this user demand is vital to boost subscriber growth and generate additional revenue.” 

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