Skyworth celebrates success in South Africa as factory’s first shipment sees 70,000 STB deployment

Skyworth Digital chose to invest in the plant to boost its presence in South Africa and contribute to the country’s economy. 

“Skyworth Digital invests in its customers, their countries and the local people in order to foster long-term relationships, and so our strategy is to put our factories as close to where our customers are as possible,” said Angélique Boissy, VP Global Sales at Skyworth Digital. “This initiative, which we call ‘edge manufacturing’, not only allows us to contribute to our customers’ local economies but also speeds up time-to-market and reduces operating expenses: savings which can then be passed on to our customers.”

Skyworth Digital is the first company to pass South Africa’s rigid governmental requirements for DTT STBs in the region (Full SANS 862 SABS certification including ICASA). The Johannesburg factory is the first in a series of new manufacturing centres Skyworth Digital plans to open as it looks to implement its ‘edge manufacturing’ concept across the business. 

“Through partnering with local companies such as BUA Africa and increasing involvement in community initiatives and charities in South Africa, we have created hundreds of local jobs for underprivileged men, women and people with disabilities,” added Ms Boissy. “We provide training and educational services to our staff to further develop their skill sets and provide them with tools for the future.” 

Other organizations Skyworth Digital has partnered within South Africa include SANCO, a civic organization designed to help people access vital Government services, and Disabled People South Africa (DPSA), an organization helping to promote disability awareness across the nation.

Currently, Skyworth Digital produces about 150,000 shipments per month but plan to increase this figure to 400,000 shipments per month.

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