Power Strip
Power Strip
Power Strip
Power Strip
Power Strip
Power Strip
Power Strip
• 4 Sockets & 4 USB Ports

• Remote control from anywhere

• Work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

• USB Type power interface

• Schedule & Timer Control

• Scene and home automation

• Countdown function

• 1 step easy installation

• Energy monitoring
By using this smart power strip, the connected devices will become smart and controllable via mobile APP and voice assistant, By preset schedules and timers or automations, the devices will be set to right status in right timing automatically, Monitoring and record power usage, eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use, also avoid danger in case you forgot to turn the device off before leaving home.

• AC Rated: AC230V 50Hz      
• Rated output: AC230V 16A MAX, 3680W
• 4 USB Output: 5V 4.8A Shared,Each 2.4A Max
• WiFi Standards: 2.4G        
• Function at APP: ON/OFF, Timer, Count Down, Amazon Echo, Google home, Power Meter
• Standard: EU, UK, US, SANS